Enrique Iglesias Cancels Concerts Due to Health Issues, Grounded from Flying

The singer shares health update and apology to fans

The famous singer Enrique Iglesias won’t be doing his concerts for a while because he’s not feeling well. He has a serious sickness called pneumonia, which is why he had to cancel some upcoming shows.

Enrique shared the news before his concert in Mexico, saying, „I have to cancel the Mexico concert. I’m not well, I have pneumonia, and the doctors told me I can’t fly. I’m really sorry to cancel a concert that means a lot to me.“ He hopes to get better soon and continue performing, apologizing to his fans and sending them a big hug.

Enrique is doing well in his relationship with tennis player Anna Kournikova. They have three kids and are taking care of them. Some fans aren’t sure about their relationship because there have been rumors about them getting married and then separating. Once, during a concert, Enrique surprised everyone by kissing a female fan.

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