„Janet Jackson Reveals Fascinating News“: Opens Up About Having a Child from Her First Marriage at 18

She Sets the Record Straight on Pregnancy Rumors and Family Speculations

People talked a lot about Janet Jackson and said she might be pregnant. She’s part of a famous family and didn’t want to talk about her personal life during her concerts.

Janet married James DeBarge, a musician, but they divorced a year later. After that, rumors spread that they had a secret child that Janet kept hidden for 18 years. However, Janet decided to clear things up and explain why people thought she was pregnant.

„At that time, I was overweight, and everyone thought I was pregnant,“ said Janet.

She revealed that the rumors about her having a secret child and giving it to a family member were not true. These rumors had been going around for a long time.

„It’s like people think I’m keeping the child away from the father, but it’s all a lie, and it’s not true,“ she explained.

Janet mentioned she heard many untrue comments about herself. Some people even thought her niece was her daughter, but that’s not correct. Janet has only one child, born in 2017 to a businessman.

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