„Naomi Campbell’s Efforts to Shield Daughter’s Privacy Fail“: Paparazzi Snap Shots Despite Attempts to Conceal

About a year ago was the last time anyone took pictures of Naomi Campbell’s daughter when she was still little. Naomi always wanted to keep her daughter private, but no matter how hard she tried, the photographers could still find them.

The big movie event of the year happened in Cannes. In between those events, the movie star celebrated the holidays with friends on a yacht.

Naomi tried to cover her daughter’s face with a towel, but the photographers managed to take some pictures showing her face. The last time this happened was a year ago when the girl was very little.

In 2021, Naomi announced that she was expecting her first child but didn’t say if she gave birth or used a surrogate mother. We still don’t even know the girl’s name.

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