Blind Kitten Finds Solace in Music: Pianist’s Heartwarming Bond with His Feline Household

Homeless kittens have now discovered their heat dwelling.🥺😊

This man loves music and cats very a lot. He’s an skilled pianist and he has a variety of kittens in his condominium. There reside 9 rescued cats.

They have been homeless wounded and hungry, now they’re grateful solely to this man.

The person works in the course of the day and rehearses at night time. The pets have additionally tailored to such a rhythm of life.

They sleep or play in the course of the day after which at night time they arrive to the man and sit round him.

Some kittens like to leap on their knees and even on a synthesizer, and a few simply benefit from the music.

«My pets are kings and queens for me. I’m grateful to them for the truth that they reside peacefully with one another», mentioned the person.

One kitten is blind and can’t see every part round. The proprietor places her on the window and collectively they take heed to the birds singing, this calms the blind kitten.

Watch the proprietor and his kittens on this video.

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