“Angelina Jolie’s Startling Airport Appearance”: Fans Stunned by Nightgown-Like Dress

People were surprised by the actress Angelina Jolie’s outfit this time. Normally, she’s known for her unique clothes, but this time she wore a white dress that looked like a nightgown while walking around the airport.

Angelina seemed happy with her outfit, and she was with her daughter Zahara. She loves spending time with Zahara, who is in college and lives far away, so these moments together mean a lot to her.

Whenever Zahara has free time, they like to go on trips together to relax. One time, Angelina took her daughter to discuss changes to the law. Zahara is also involved in charity events.

They often travel with Angelina’s eldest adopted son. This year, they went to Washington and attended a reception for the President of South Korea because her son is really interested in Korean culture.

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