„Heartwarming Grandfather of Intensive Care“: Elderly Volunteer Nurtures Abandoned Infants with Unbelievable Care

Meet David Deutchman. He used to work in advertising but then he retired. After retiring, he did something really nice for kids.

David became a volunteer at a hospital. He wanted to help children who were going through tough times. People started calling him the „grandfather of intensive care“ because of his caring work.

David didn’t just help physically; he comforted and hugged parents and kids. He saw that some kids were alone in the hospital without their parents. So, he decided to spend time loving and caring for those babies.

He volunteered at the hospital for 16 years. You can see his love and care in the pictures, especially when he hugs the babies.

In an interview, David talked about how surprised he was that some parents could leave their kids in the hospital and just go away. His work teaches everyone about love and care.

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