„Fascinating Feat“: Woman Goes Without Shampoo for Nearly 6 Years, Leaving Everyone Astonished

Meet a woman who became famous on the Internet for not using shampoo for almost 6 years. She has beautiful hair, and during this time, she washes her hair in a specific way. She is a vegetarian and follows a particular lifestyle.

Some people think she is not clean because she doesn’t use shampoo, and they advise her to wash her hair like everyone else.

She believes that eating the right food is important for having beautiful and healthy hair. As a vegetarian, she only eats fruits and vegetables.

„I don’t use shampoo, and I don’t use a hairdryer. I don’t even use creams, gels, or mousses,“ she said. It seems like she prefers natural products.

What do you think? Is she doing the right thing?

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