Together They Triumphed: This Amazing Couple Shed Nearly 200 Pounds Together

People should help each other both by talking and online. It’s hard for anyone to find the motivation to change how they look. Family and friends should support them, and if they do, people are more likely to achieve their goals.

Let me tell you a story about Sarah and Daniel. Sarah used to weigh 220 kg, and Daniel was 127 kg. Daniel always tried to be close to Sarah, to hug her, but it was difficult. Sarah wanted to lose weight, and she managed to lose 135 kg.

Sarah promised she would lose weight with her husband, and the result was amazing. They didn’t think they could reach their goal so quickly.

Sarah says her husband never pushed her to be thin; he always loved her no matter her weight. She shares their success on social media. Now, her husband weighs 87 kg, and she weighs 83 kg, but her goal is to be 80 kg.

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