„Real-Life Heroism“: Kind Man Jumps into Water to Rescue Three Women and Policeman

A happy thing happened at the right time. There was a ten-year-old kid nearby.

Suddenly, a car went into a river with three girls inside, and there was a man there too.

The car went into the water, and before sinking, it moved a bit away from the shore. Then, a man nearby heard the loud cries for help.

The boy had been swimming for many years, so he confidently went into the water.

At that moment, the man only thought about saving the people. Just then, a police officer arrived and saw the man in the water.

Even though the policeman wanted to save one of the passengers, the lady got scared, and the policeman drowned.

So, the man saved both the passengers and the policeman, becoming a hero for all four of them.

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