„The Unusual Beauty of Little Indian Girl“: Drawing Attention with White Skin and Golden Hair in India

Since she was a little girl, Puja always talked proudly about how different and beautiful she looked. 😳🧐

Once upon a time in India, Puja was born, and right away, everyone was amazed by her extraordinary beauty.

Looking at her, you wouldn’t guess she was an Indian baby. Now, at 24 years old, Puja insists that her parents are indeed Indian.

When she was a kid, people thought she might be sick because of her looks, but she’s perfectly healthy and feels great, she says. It could be her genes passed down from her ancestors that gave her this unique appearance.

Because of her uncommon beauty, locals treat her like a celebrity. Some even question if she’s really from around here and are happy when they find out she speaks the local language. When Indian people see tourists, they want pictures with them, so Puja has lots of photos with different Indians.

Her appearance made her curious about her roots, so she decided to take a DNA test to learn more about her ancestry.

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