„New Chapter Begins!“: Daniel Radcliffe Embarks on Parenthood

Daniel Radcliffe recently became a dad for the first time! 😍😊

The „Harry Potter“ star and his partner, actress Erin Dark, now have a family of more than two. Paparazzi spotted them walking with their baby on the streets of New York, but they’ve kept details like the baby’s name and gender private.

Back in March, photos revealed Erin Dark’s baby bump, confirming the exciting news. A source close to them shared that both Daniel and Erin are thrilled about their new addition and look forward to growing their family.

These two have been together for over ten years, meeting on the set of the movie „Kill Your Darlings“ in 2012. In the film, Radcliffe played a main character. Erin, an American actress, has been in various movies like „Good Girls Revolt,“ „Quiet Waters,“ „Full Unknown,“ and many more.

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