“Unforgettable Faces of Fort Boyard”: Meet Passepartout and Pasmuray – Behind the Scenes and Personal Lives

Fort Boyard became really popular right from the start of the show. Almost everyone watched it and liked it a lot.

There were two guys, Passepartout and Pasmuray. In real life, Passepartout is Andre Boucher, and he’s 55 years old. He acted in the series and has been married for many years. He has kids, and one of them got a disease from him. He enjoys making people laugh.

Pasmuray is also a nickname; his real name is Anthony Laporte, and he’s 39 years old with a girlfriend. She’s taller than him, but that doesn’t affect their relationship.

We wish these guys a great and successful life and career, and we hope to see them more on TV.

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