«Island purchased for 40 years»: this man desires to search out pirate treasures on the inhabited island he purchased


Nobody is aware of that he secretly looked for pirate treasures on it for over 40 years.🧐🤔

This story stunned the entire world one man named Bernand spent his cash to purchase the island.

Everybody thought that he was simply uninterested in residing amongst lots of people and wished to remain alone and luxuriate in life a bit.

However nobody knew that he had a plan, he wished to search out pirate treasures for 40 years with no break.

There was even a time when an Arab sheik wished to hire an island for $ 50 million, however the males didn’t agree.

It turned out that there was a pirate who stayed on the island and the person thought that the pirate may disguise his treasures there. He wished to search for it, then he planted stunning fruit bushes there so as to dig the earth.

Completely different birds and totally different animals dwell with him.

Now the island is below authorities management and treasure search isn’t allowed there.

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