Final Farewell: A herd of elephants collect to pay their final respects to their dying chief

Elephants are recognized to be the closest to people when it comes to emotions, writes thepetneeds

The next video, taken close to the Kalawewa Reserve in Sri Lanka, reveals a herd of elephants gathering to pay their final respects to their useless chief!

Within the video under you’ll be able to see some elephants making an attempt to make use of their trunks to hug their chief who has been murdered by a rival! The witnesses declare that they noticed virtually 300 elephants gathered to say goodbye to the useless man!

GRABS Elephants mourn useless chief

GRABS Elephants mourn useless chief

A 2006 Oxford College research discovered that in contrast to people, elephants grieve over the demise of their household or mates! Additionally they attempt to assist the dying and sick within the hope that they’ll get nicely! How heartbreaking! Watch the video under.

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