She follows in his footsteps

Rainer Hunold’s daughter follows in his footsteps
Kristin Alia Hunold works as an actor
She could be seen in these productions

Actor Rainer Hunold (73) is understood for collection akin to “A Case for Two” or “The Public Prosecutor”, which is filmed in Wiesbaden. The daughter of the “One case for 2” legend additionally takes off as an actress.

Rainer Hunold’s daughter Kristin: She’s actually taking off

Rainer Hunold’s daughter is following in his footsteps: Kristin Alia Hunold (29) is an actress and has already labored in main productions. The 29-year-old can at the moment be seen within the collection “A robust staff: Within the identify of the folks” as “Eileen Kauffeld”.

Kristin is certainly one of two youngsters from Morocco whom Rainer and his spouse Petra adopted. She accomplished her performing diploma in Frankfurt am Most important and appeared on German tv for the primary time in 2014 on “Leberkäseland”.

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From there it began with the performing profession. Kristin acted within the movies “Blue Window”, “So Near the Horizon” and “Distance”. Kristin appeared in visitor roles in “Ein Fall für Zwei” and “Der Staatsanwalt” after which appeared in different collection – together with “Wir sind die Welle”, “Letzte Spur Berlin” and “Die Eifelpraxis”.

Rainer Hunold’s daughter is absolutely taking off. We’ll positively be seeing extra from Kristin Alia Hunold.

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