“Simply Unbelievable”: Florida Lady Has The World’s Longest Locs

Her hair is her source of energy!

Asha Mandela is certain that her hair is simple a source of energy. This is why she grew and braided them for years. Currently, the dreadlocks of the 56-year-old woman reach as much as 33,5 m (110ft).

In response to Asha, her hair might be thought-about a form of “antenna” by which she receives constructive vibrations from the skin world. The girl professes Rastafarianism and believes that this method to her hair helps her keep wholesome.

On the identical time, such a coiffure creates a whole lot of inconvenience for her. Each week she spends two days caring for her dreadlocks, and he or she has to hold them in her bag. Asha often goes to the fitness center to coach her again, as a result of such heavy hair can create many issues and even result in paralysis.

Issues nonetheless don’t cease the American. She sees extra pluses than minuses in her dreadlocks, and her husband Emmanuel absolutely helps her.

What do you think about such long hair?

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