“They named her Valentine!”: Caring dog comforts a weakened calf in the cold weather

The dog stayed by her side until she was feeling better

On Valentine’s Day, a calf was born in sub-zero temperatures and a severe winter storm.

And there it sat lifeless and immobile. Fortunately, the family discovered her in time and took her inside, the place where it was warm. After which the pet joined her and began licking her face!

Unprompted, the pup even determined to snuggle as much as the calf to carry its body temperature right down to regular ranges! The calf they named Valentine was feeling a bit better and set free a number of moos. And the canine stayed by her side till he noticed that she was utterly healed.

When Valentine felt much better and could stand on her own feet, she was taken out once more to reunite her with mother and see if they might save another one.

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