“Sweet puppies were afraid of everyone!”: Two puppies were found freezing in the snow

They were lucky to meet this kind-hearted man!

This man loves canine a lot he is all the time out searching for abandoned dogs in need of help. One day he came across two puppies that had been left in the freezing snow. The 2 little puppies huddled together, desperately trying to keep warm.

They stood in the snow and ice, soaking wet and shivering from the cold.

When the person approached them, they averted him as they were very afraid. However the man knew he could not simply leave them there or they might finally die of hypothermia, so he did not give up.

When he lastly caught them, he wrapped them in blankets to warm them and took them home. He gave them a much-needed heat tub and saved their lives.

The little puppies that were depressed and soaking wet, were now clear and fluffy blissful puppies.

Now that they are safe, their whole lives changed. They were scared no more, but now are looking for love and affection.

The person will quickly be taking the puppies to the vet for a check-up, but before that he has to keep them warm and take proper care of them.

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