“Heartbreaking moment!”: Dog didn’t recognize his owner after being lost for 3 years

In the end his efforts payed off!

When Pakita the dog disappeared 3 years ago, her owner was shocked and scared. The person felt powerless as he looked for her all over the place, only to have his hopes dashed over and over. However, he by no means gave up on her and continued to search for her in all animal shelters – till his efforts had been lastly rewarded.

Three years later, the owner was overjoyed to find out that Pakita was alive and in a faraway animal shelter where she lived a somewhat distant and dreary life for the last three years. However when he arrived on the shelter to take her residence, Pakita’s response wasn’t what he anticipated.

The years aside and the tough life on the shelter had clearly taken their toll on Pakita. The depressed dog only trusted her keepers and refused to have a look at her former owner. She did not recognize him in any respect and whimpered when a weird new man approached her.

The man understood Pakita’s tense, stressed physique language and lured her nearer. Pakita hesitated however the man crouched down and referred to as out one thing that made her sniff at him – and it was like a bolt from the blue for her! She started to remember his scent and progressively realized that her beloved long-lost owner had returned to take her home!

This clip captures the unimaginable second as Pakita overcomes her doubts and acknowledges her owner together with her ecstatic emotions! She goes from scared to shocked to overjoyed in a matter of seconds, and Dad assures her that she was never going to be lonely again.

Click on the video below to see Pakita freaking out with pleasure when she lastly recognizes her favorite human!


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