“All his hopes were gone”: This puppy was abandoned by his owners for the second time

He refused to make eye contact or communicate with anyone

Chuchi, the 13-pound poodle, was heartbroken when his family dropped him off on the Carson Animal Care Middle in Gardena, Calif, 2 days before Christmas.

The family, who had had the 6-year-old poodle for a year, apparently needed to move and did not need Chuchi in the new place.

Sadly, this was the second time Chuchi was returned by a family who adopted him. Finding himself back in the cold kennel, the canine was depressed and hopeless. He simply flopped down on the mattress left behind by his family and stared listlessly into the gap. He refused to make eye contact or communicate with anybody.

The brand new rescuers cared for Chuchi and helped him overcome the trauma of being deserted. This lovable canine quickly regained his comfortable nature! The rescue group has introduced that Chuchi (now known as Charlie Chaplin) has been adopted by husband and spouse staff, Karen and Rick, and is having fun with a snug life together with his canine sibling, Valuable!

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