“They started a new life”: Rescued dog made a new friend in the shelter (video)

The two friends were both rescued from terrible conditions

Ruggles the Shih Tzu pet was rescued from a puppy mill and brought to a place where he might begin an entire new life. As a sign of this new starting, he was taken to a new friend, and this unlikely pal was additionally rescued from an unlucky state of affairs. Chompers the kitten was discovered alone underneath a porch at simply two days outdated. Watch the 2 meet for the first time in the video below.

Regardless of their tough start in life, Ruggles and Chompers are comfortable and wholesome and have each settled into loving houses! Ruggles grew up to become the official ambassador for the shelter he was rescued from, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. The pup is now visiting colleges to teach the children about puppy mills and shelter canine.

There is a YouTube channel where they talk about their adoptions: “For those questioning why they weren’t adopted together… that was the shelter’s unique plan, however Chompers got attached too much to little Ruggles, and on account of his well being points, it was determined that it was in the very best pursuits of the 2 animals to be adopted individually. They’re each comfortable and liked their new families a lot!”.


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