“Harmony Between People and Nature”: Fascinating Photos of Reindeer People in Mongolia

In northern Mongolia there’s a sacred alliance between people, ancestral spirits and reindeer

After residing in Nepal for greater than a decade and exploring Tibet and the Himalayas, photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami determined to journey to Outer Mongolia to get familiar with the nomadic tribes and their distinctive lifestyle.

In addition to capturing fascinating pictures of this misplaced tribe, Sardar has made a movie referred to as “The Reindeer People”, which follows a household on their seasonal migrations.

Right here is the synopsis: “In northern Mongolia there’s a sacred alliance between people, ancestral spirits and reindeer. This movie is an intimate portrait of a household of Dukha reindeer nomads as they trek by the forests of Mongolia’s Hovsgol province.

With a herd of a few hundred reindeer, they trek by a sacred forest inhabited by the spirits of their ancestors, who talk with the residing by tune. The eldest Dukha is a divine seer, a 96-year-old shaman named Tsuyan.

She is the hyperlink between the therapeutic songs of the forest ancestors, their individuals and their reindeer. She is on the coronary heart of a rare journey that brings individuals and animals collectively in one of many wildest areas of Mongolia – the place individuals nonetheless stay and hunt in a forest dominated by supernatural beings.

With a view to stay in concord with them, individuals needed to be taught to respect nature and animals, and to go their beliefs on from era to era by invoking the chants of their deceased ancestors.”


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