“The Unwanted Pet”: Family adopted a dog covered with scars

Disfigured animals normally have a tougher time being adopted from shelters. However, this dog was lucky.

Lisa, the 10-month-old pup, was dropped at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley with scars all over her face and contaminated eyelids that required surgical procedure. The shelter workers were not sure if they would be able to find a home for the infant, till Christine Doblar and her family showed up.

“We were scared that another person was going to take him,” Doblar said. “She seems fairly bizarre but has a beautiful, radiant nature. The truth that she walked as much as every of us and was simply as loving and exuberant with whoever she greeted…we checked out a number of different canines however none of them might examine to her.” The family drove again that very same day and adopted Lisa, whom they named “Lucky”.

10-month-old canine Lisa was lately taken to a California animal shelter

Her face was coated in scars and her eyelids wanted surgical procedure

“They may very well be arduous to take a look at,” stated HSSV’s Finnegan Dowling

The shelter workers have been not sure if Lisa would ever be adopted

Till Christine Doblar and her family appeared

“She simply has a beautiful, vivid character… we checked out a number of different canines however none might match.”

The family determined to call her Lucky “as we’re each fortunate,” and adopted her the same day

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