“The Lion Whisperer”: Man saved two lion cubs seven years ago and returned to meet them face to face

No matter how long you have been apart, your pets will never forget you!

There’s nothing stronger than the bond between you and your pet, particularly when you may have raised them yourself.

There are people who dedicate their whole lives to rescuing animals, merely for love, and that is what Kevin Richardson does.

At some point while working on the lion park in South Africa, he witnessed a mom lion rejecting two of her newborns. Some individuals might be afraid to approach the cubs, but Kevin’s instincts instructed him in any other case.

He determined to avoid wasting them each and shortly they became an essential part of his life.

The purpose of the man was to raise the puppies in such a means that they might develop into full-fledged adults without human help.

Seven years later, Kevin decided to visit the cubs, who were named Meg and Ammy, and was understandably nervous about their response.

It had been a very long time since they’d seen one another and he wasn’t positive if they might remember him.

Kevin determined to stroll in the direction of the lions without hesitation and fortunately for us he captured the encounter on a camera.

When one of the lions was in the water, he decided to leap into the water and approach her while calling her name.

What occurred later was actually unbelievable: as soon as she realized who Kevin was, she jumped straight into the water and gave Kevin a hug.

Kevin describes them as his ‘soulmates’, they will always have that particular bond regardless of how long they have been apart.

Take a look at the unbelievable moment for yourself in the video below:

What an unbelievable story!

Also referred to as the “Lion Whisperer,” Kevin additionally founded the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, a sanctuary for 3,000 lions on the African savannah. It is a habitat to 26 lions of varied ages, many like Meg and Amy, whom he rescued when they were cubs.

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