“Adorable Trio!”: Friendship of these two dogs and the cat became popular on the Internet

Friendship between dogs and cats is just a wonderful phenomenon!

These cute retriever dogs are Watty and Kikao. They’ve been friends for a very long time however their friendship would not be full without their beloved cat named Harry, who thinks he’s their brother and has adopted all of their pet traits.

The trio may be very pleasant and lively. The 2 puppies and the cat by no means had a boring life. In addition they sleep together.

Harry can lie between the 2 cute retrievers and let them play with him.

The three friends go touring with their owner, who has promised to show them the country. The owners of these cute animals opened their very own web page on the Internet and these cuties quickly gained many followers who enthusiastically watch their trips and have already got 200,000 followers.

Another proof that cats and dogs are not always rivals and may simply be friends. What a sweet friendship!

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