Nastya Knyazeva conquered the world at the age of 4. How does a doll girl live and look now?

Little Nastya Knyazeva resembles a doll.

Pale pink lips, massive azure eyes, black lashes, long blonde hair, her angelic image brought her worldwide recognition. In her 7 years she was already the face of world brands of children’s clothing and starred in a number of commercials.

The mother of an attractive baby had a desire to see her daughter on the pages of a beautiful magazine or on TV. And others said that Nastya is a born model. As a result, the girl’s mother decided to send her application to one of the modeling agencies in Moscow. The answer came pretty quickly.

For the premiere, Nastya took part in an advertising shoot when she was only 2.5 years old. On set, she acted like she had a talent for modeling. The girl acted naturally, did everything she was told and was not at all afraid.

As a rule, agencies run special courses for child models, where little girls are trained in acting, walking and looking at the camera. But Nastya’s family lives in the Moscow region, and getting to Moscow for classes was not easy.

But that was no loss for the young model. Talented baby learned everything immediately during the filming.

After successful filming, the head of the agency advised Nastya’s mother to open an Instagram account. In a short time, the account gained popularity, the footage of the baby scattered all over the Internet

After some time, Nastya’s parents were informed that the British newspaper Daily Mail awarded the child the label of the most attractive girl in the world. From that moment Nastya’s recognition increased, world brands had a desire to work with her, foreign journalists looked for meetings with the parents of the young model.

Nastya Knyazeva’s mother maintains her daughter’s account on Instagram. The girl’s account has already gained more than a million followers, who leave both enthusiastic and negative comments. In particular, Nastya’s parents accuse many of simply buying the title from their daughter. They say that nothing is impossible for parents of millionaires.

In fact, the parents of the most attractive girl in the world are not millionaires and have nothing to do with the modeling industry. Mom is an economist and dad’s job is related to cars. They are a family together.

Nastya’s mother does not disclose what salary her daughter earns for shooting. Many parents agree to take photos of their children for free in exchange for branded clothes, toys, certificates or other gifts. But Nastya’s mother considers this wrong and does not agree to such modest proposals, because her daughter is a real star, of which there are few.

Nastya’s mother is proud of her daughter’s success, but tries not to have any illusions about her daughter’s modeling career. After all, children change with age. Perhaps, when Nastya grows up, she will not be so interested in modeling agencies and brands. And beauty tends to fade with age, but the spirit always remains. So, her parents have a desire to provide the girl with a good education, and the modeling business is considered only a hobby.

Nastya attended three schools at once: a regular high school, music and dance. In addition, the girl is engaged in a tutor in English twice a week. The amount of work is quite large, and there is practically no time left for modeling. When they propose to take part in the filming, Nastya’s mother sets the condition that they take place on the weekend.

In general, parents do not make Nastya feel unique, but try to raise her as a normal child. They never discuss their image or success in front of their daughter. After all, history knows many examples of people who achieved success in childhood and in adulthood could not overcome the loss of recognition.

What is Anastasia Knyazeva currently doing?

The girl’s mother has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. The doll girl’s recognition value does not fade over the years.

Nastya began to actively engage in a leading career.

She also tries her hand as a singer; last year, during the celebration of the Day of Cosmonautics, a presentation of the work of musicians Jan Space and Nastya took place.

Anastasia also directs other children’s programs.

Both the children’s kitchen and the Tyts parade regularly post clips on Likes and on Instagram with their mother. Shares images not only from filming, but also from everyday life.

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