“Illusionist Copperfield is already 65!”: This is what the well-known illusionist of the 1990s looks like today

Do you remember the legendary illusionist Copperfield? The idol of millions turns 65

There is perhaps no one who does not know this legendary, successful and one of the most famous illusionists who has already celebrated his 65th birthday.

The idol of millions in the 1990s literally adored the incredible tricks and illusions of the legendary man, no one could remain indifferent to his brilliant skills, including experts and professionals.

As the gifted and talented man’s popularity and worldwide fame grew at an unsustainable rate, he often performed over 50 tricks a night and was in high demand at the time. Due to his outstanding skills that amazed everyone, the legendary man soon became very popular and wealthy.

It should be noted that the well-known man even had a relationship with the icon C. Schiffer, which in turn made him a popular star.

It is important to mention that David even had a chance to earn more than 4 billion dollars, and his name even entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Whereas his popularity was about to end when all his tricks were revealed by the media and the public didn’t care about him anymore.

His reputation was gradually eroded when he decided to reveal the trick he performed that required 13 people to disappear.

While his financial situation wasn’t really affected. The man owns a house that he rents out. David owns antiques as well as trick museum and written books.

Currently, the former legendary man resides in central New York City with model Ch. Gosselin and her heiress.

The couple often vacations on an island in the Bahamas archipelago, and the appearance of the famous man at various events and shows has become extremely rare.

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