Daily visits from a seagull to meet its human friend

Such a lovely friendship only exists between these two

A man named John Smith helped a bird. And from that moment on, the bird visited the shore every day to meet its rescuer. John comes to the place to breathe the sea air and meet his bird friend.

And when he’s on the beach, the seagull is near. Dorian never goes anywhere but to John. We can say that these two are of the same age. “I met Dorian when I needed help. I had no idea what to do.”

“The next day, as I was walking to shore, I saw him.” The man began bringing his dog’s biscuits to the seagull. And as John returned each day to feed the seagull, the bird’s trust in him grew.

This is how he behaves only towards him: such an amazing friendship exists only between them. “He left about the springtime, but when he came back he had not forgotten me.” And from that moment John and Dorian meet regularly.

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