A cute birthday party organized by the owner of a bulldog

An adorable celebration of the dog’s birthday

Some pet owners organize cute feasts for their pets while they adore them. Emily Chan organized an adorable first birthday party for her bulldog named Thor. And Emily’s other pets, Thor’s friends, were invited to the party.

Animals are very friendly, although they belong to different species. Emily said, “I have several pets and they’re all friendly to one another.” Emily bought a fun pizza toy for the bulldog’s first birthday.

But the biggest surprise was the Christmas dinner. “I made a cake for the dogs with strawberries, carrots, oatmeal and butter.” Emily shared, “The cat got a turkey and cheese biscuit and the rabbit got a fresh salad.”

All the revelers sat down at the table and started eating sweets. Emily saw that the animals understood the idea of ​​the party.

To put it simply, they wouldn’t start dinner without Thor.

After the part, the animals went outside to play. It is amazing that such different animals live together peacefully. Emily wants to organize such parties for all her animals.

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