A sick kitten had no ears and not only needed a pair of ears but a loving home as well

A sociable kitten who was delighted with a new pair of ears

We’re always drawn to animals with unusual characteristics, whether it’s from birth or trauma. The kitten was left without ears due to a medical problem, but loving people gave her new ones.

This is a kitten whose ear flaps were removed by the vet due to serious infection and bruising. Your ear flaps will need to be surgically removed. But the shelter staff said her hearing had improved.

Her usual illnesses had blocked her ear canals.

After a few weeks at the shelter, the staff took care of her and she got a new pair of ears. A forever home and a sweet owner who would give her lots of love and attention.

And then they attached the ears to the cat. And such a gift the cat could not refuse. And thanks to the picture, within a day the cat got a permanent home. Despite many difficulties, the cat is a very active, sociable and affectionate cat, which will bring great joy to its future owners.

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