Peach lover incredible cat. Everyone on the internet has been linked to this creature

The kitty wins everyone’s hearts with his incredible love for peaches.

Human-like cats fall for a cast of characters, some dashing little and some total jerks. And yet we can’t help but adore them, especially when they fill our lives with useful seconds. Ozzy, an adorable Siamese tabby mix, is here to win everyone’s hearts with his incredible love of peaches.

Yes, you are not wrong, this cat loves peaches. The Cleveland reporter named Lydia Cutre wrote about Ozzy and Peaches on August 1, and people immediately felt attached to the wonderful creature. “The family first discovered his love of peaches in 2014 when he first got into the peach season. My mom says it was love at first sight,” Lydia told Bored Panda. Everyone became attached to the cat and became his fan too. Scroll down to check it out and you might be motivated to paint your own.

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