‘The Iconic Star of 1+1’: Omar Sy’s beautiful family, 7 children and adorable wife delighted the actor’s fans

Do you still remember the main character of “1+1”? Here is Omar’s big family

After a brilliant starring role in the legendary film “1+1”, the talented film star O.Sy immediately became famous around the world and became enormously successful. A number of producers have wanted to work with the laudable actor, and the legendary man even tried his hand at modeling.

Whereas few details are known about his personal life, for example that the movie star has 7 children – a fact that leaves everyone speechless.

The future actor and his wife have known each other since childhood, and despite the fact that Sy’s parents were against their union, the two decided to fight for their love.

The couple did not have a wedding. They married after the birth of their third child and now the adorable spouses already have 7 children.

The celebrity actor frequently shares family photos, which make it clear that he loves and appreciates his beautiful family.

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