“The First Flight of the World’s Tallest Woman”: Gelgi, the tallest woman in the world, traveled by plane for the first time

This is how the tallest woman in the world, Rumeisa Gelgi, experienced her first flight

It should be noted that for the first flight of the world’s tallest woman, the staff had to replace several chairs with an adopted bed.


The absolutely unique woman from Istanbul spent 13 hours in a horizontal position to reach San Francisco.

As a reminder, the striking woman is 215 cm tall and has already been included in the Guinness Book of Records. The whole thing is that the woman has Weaver Syndrome, which has caused her bones to grow abnormally.

It is important to mention that this is the woman’s first time to fly as she has not had the opportunity to do so before due to her uniqueness.

On the other hand, this airline recently offered her a great opportunity to experience her first flight that offered her special conditions.

Shortly after arriving in San Francisco, Gelbi thanked the company for the good deal, claiming it was her first but far from the last flight of her life.

She will live in the US for at least half a year to pursue further career opportunities in technology and further cooperation with the Guinness Book of Records

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