“The absolute winner of beauty pageants”: This is how the girl, who enchanted everyone with her beauty at the age of 6, has changed over the years

The 6-year-old kid who won all the beauty pageants: what about now?

Meet E. Wood, who by the age of 6 had won every beauty pageant she had ever entered. She gained her first general recognition and popularity at the age of 4, when she became the absolute winner of the first beauty pageant.

The way the charming and extremely famous girl has changed over the years leaves no one indifferent. Many have wondered what she looks like now and here she is today. Eden currently operates a children’s clothing store.

“Her mother heartlessly left her without a childhood”, “She grew up much earlier and looks much older now”, “She shouldn’t wear heavy makeup so often at such a young age”.

Here are the latest photos of the charming girl!

What can you say?

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