“Kittens are truly devoted to their owner”: Adorable kittens taking care of their owner after surgery

Sweet relationships between an owner and her five kittens

Debby has a really lovely job. She worked in animal rescue for many years. Now living with her husband and five cats she adopted, she is always willing to help animals in need.

Cats react to their presence by instinct and the female thinks there is some kind of indicator that cannot be seen in humans but is visible in cats.

The kittens love their new owners and were happy after finding their ideal home. And the young woman just had an operation on her knee. She stays at home to relax and lies down most of the time as she found it difficult to move.

And the five kittens immediately wanted to know what had happened to their beloved owner and went to her bedroom. Although they knew Debby needed some relaxation, they comforted her with cuddles.

She is thankful for her kittens as they are always ready to help and always by her side. What a touching story. What do you think?

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