A touching story that proves that true friendship cannot be bought

An older dog couldn’t believe his fate after adoption

This story shows that true friendship really does exist. Lina got a dog from the animal shelter. She asked her five-year-old daughter about her choice. The little girl replied that she didn’t care what the dog looked like.

And she also asked about her desire to adopt a dog that had spent most of her time at the shelter. The mother was moved by her daughter’s sweet advice.

She agreed with her daughter, knowing that smaller animals had a better chance of being adopted than older animals.

The family took a dog that had been at the shelter for three years.

Lina told that the old dog could not believe that he would find owners at that time. And after being brought into the house, the dog repeatedly expressed gratitude to his new owners.

The dog is very affectionate and sweet and loves to cuddle with his adopters. And with the love and attention of its new owners, the dog has become a sweet and devoted friend.

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