“Totally unrecognizable in real life!”: The way well-known celebrities look offstage has taken everyone by surprise

Are you ready to see what popular celebrities look like when no one is looking?

Since most of us are used to seeing our idols, the most iconic, famous and successful celebrities in the world, on the red carpet, TV shows and events, it’s hard to imagine what they actually look like if there are no fans around them are or in other words, in real life. Do they look just as spectacular? How are you dressed?

It’s high time we realized that even the most legendary celebrities look like normal people off the stage and on the red carpet.

R. Huntington-Whiteley and J. Statham

J Alba and C Warren

Kutcher with M Kunis

T Burton and H Bonham Carter

This is E Stone and A Garfield

G Stefani and B Shelton

J Holloway with K Kumala

J. Biel and J. Timberlake

The iconic family of Beckhams

Did you recognize K. Perry and O. Bloom?

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