The couple wanted to know if their pets would get along, so they set up a meetup

What a fun meeting!

It is interesting to know that dogs can eat anything that appears in front of them. Today’s story proves this.

The two lovers decided to introduce their dogs to each other to see what their relationship would be like.

First they thought of the place where they would meet. Taking them for a walk would be a challenge for them, so they decided to let them play in the girl’s garden, which was so comfortable and pleasant.

The girl made her garden so beautiful. She put in a fountain, attractive statues and artificial greenery. It turned out that all this was for nothing.

Only five minutes and everything was destroyed.

The girl thought that she knew her dog well, but she was wrong, because he showed his true colors when they first met.

The mad animal destroyed the whole garden, including its own flower bed.

He wanted to make a good impression on his new boyfriend without expecting that in this way he could damage the couple’s relationship, but luckily it didn’t happen because they thought it was a big joke.

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