A crow visits his adoptive family almost every day

A very grateful crow returning to thank her rescuers

One day Diane and his fiancee were cleaning up outside on their patio when they saw some crows. They went to look and saw a little baby crow lying on the ground.

After pondering for some time, the pair felt it best to take him in, treat him, and return him to the wild. “We fed him every half hour and kept him in a trash can with newspaper, grass and water.”

They took care of him and called him Yoyo. He was ready to return to nature. Although saddened by his departure, they were also pleased that he was reunited with his family and wished to see him again.

And it only took a day and a half. The couple were outside on the balcony when they noticed Yoyo suddenly fall out of the trees. He seemed to come back to thank them for saving his life and hoping and hugging them.

Now Yoyo visits his adoptive family almost every day. Despite living in the wild, he considers them his family.

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