“So cute!”: Rescued cat loves her stuffed animal and can’t imagine her life without it

They have been inseparable since the very first day!

Meet Mila, a cute kitten who was rescued and brought to the shelter with her siblings. The poor animal was so weak and defenseless and she needed someone to take care of her, so Monica, a kind woman, agreed to take her home and take care of her.

The kitten had a lot of health problems and needed to get all the appropriate treatments very quickly, so Monica acted as soon as possible.

Although it was a difficult time and the poor cat suffered a lot, she managed to overcome all difficulties and become healthy and strong.

During this recovery process, Mila became strongly connected to the stuffed sheep Monica had given her.

Since then they have been inseparable and spend the whole day together. Monica never expected her gift to play such an important role in her pet’s life.

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