Every animal deserves to be kept free and see the sun

A puppy’s amazing reaction after seeing the sun

Every living being should be kept free because that is how it was made. It is dishonest and cruel to keep an animal in a cage. Animals don’t deserve such a life.

You haven’t even seen the sun. It’s depressing to imagine such a horrible life. Fortunately, this immoral story had a happy ending.

Volunteers from a Humane Society were helping to free the little pup and other 130 animals when they were discovered in a darkened basement in a terrible condition.

The poor animals were locked in the puppy mill for many years because they were scared and had a terrible face. The dog only had three good teeth in its mouth, others were rotted and broken. She only weighed 2.2 kilos.

She wasn’t alone in this dark, horrible cage. There was no ventilation there. The poor animals were kept in small cages, but now they can be free. She did not have the opportunity to see the sun and communicate with many people.

During these years she gave birth many times. Rescuers couldn’t tell her exact age because she looked horrible. Her reaction was very bad when she saw the sun for the first time.

It was amazing and very interesting for them to see nature for the first time and feel the soft grass under their paws. She now lives with her adoptive mother who does everything to make the puppy’s life better and happier.

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