‘Critically ill Willis made a will’: Willis has revealed who will get his multi-million dollar fortune

Suffering from aphasia, Willis revealed the names his fortune will have after him

It will be quite difficult to find someone who is not familiar with the name of this highly talented, highly regarded and universally recognized movie star.

Unfortunately, the prominent actor suffers from aphasia which left all his fans in tears and sadness. According to a Radar insider, Willis’ net worth is around $250 million and they were trying to figure out who will receive the money after the iconic man left us.

According to the laudable movie star, members of his family as well as D. Moore’s daughters. Many assume that Rumer, Tallulah and Scout will each get $1 million and the owner of the rest of the money will be his now wife Emma Heming.

The fact that the legendary man has made a will makes it clear that our idol’s health is unsustainable and the condition he is in at the moment leaves a lot to be desired.

Apart from all that. Willis is more than sure that Moore’s children can also get financial help from their mother, the actor’s ex-wife whose net worth is estimated at $200 million.

Currently, the amazing actor is in an extremely bad state and sometimes doesn’t even recognize his family.

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