“She is a hero!”: Caring woman adopted two special girls and changed their lives

She has always wanted children, but didn’t have a family of her own

Kristen Williams is the most ordinary teacher of any American school. Kristen has always loved children, but unfortunately she didn’t have a family of her own.

After much deliberation, Kristen decided to adopt. She wanted to give her unspent maternal love to a child who really needed her.

Kristen’s first adopted daughter was Munni from India.

They didn’t want to take the girl because of the huge scar on her forehead. Munni avoided people and was embarrassed to communicate with anyone.

But Kristen was able to find a way to get to the girl’s heart. And after a while, a little Durga appeared in their family.

The story of Durga is really sad. The baby was found in a garbage dump. She must have been there for quite a while. The girl’s face was in terrible shape.

Durga almost lost her nose, presumably from insects and stray animals, from which the newborn baby was completely defenseless.

The story of Kristen and her two adopted daughters made it onto social media and then onto television.

After learning about girls’ problems, Kristen offered the services of a cosmetic surgeon at a local hospital.

Munni underwent reconstructive surgery and now only has an inconspicuous thin line on his forehead.

Durga decided to have surgery at an older age. In the meantime, the girl received an aesthetic prosthesis, with which she is no different from her peers.

But perhaps the most important change is the sparkle in the girls’ eyes and their happy smiles.

After all, a child’s happiness is worth every effort, right?

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