Turk from The Clinic: The recent performance of The Clinic star Faison left his fans speechless

Do you remember Turk from The Clinic? This is what actor Faison looks like now

Have you seen the popular series The Clinic? Maybe yes. And you’ll no doubt be familiar with JD and Christopher Turk. It should be noted that the latter was played brilliantly by D. Faison, who is still playing, thereby delighting thousands of his admirers and fans.

It’s also worth noting that the iconic man then starred in “Skyline,” which also achieved worldwide fame and earned Donald’s universal acclaim. Faison also starred in the comedy series The Exes.

According to reliable sources, the movie star and his wife have 6 children, which deeply impresses fans of Faison.

Many are of the opinion that the legendary man has not really changed and still looks good despite his mature age. Some even wryly claimed that Faison made an elixir of youth and will not even age.

Have you seen the popular series? Share your opinion about the great actor!

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