An adorable occasion: A pregnant pooch has given birth to 22 babies

A cute pup who almost broke a new record

Australian scientists ran other experiments, while experts in the UK tried to teach dogs to find the coronavirus. They also celebrate the birth of 22 puppies.

A mastiff puppy named Shein is a new record holder. This adorable pooch first had five babies.

Shein’s owner took him to the hospital, where it was discovered that she had 17 other babies. And because of some medical issues, she had to have a c-section. The doctor said, “We took an X-ray when Shein came to the clinic to see if she delivered all of her babies.”

“And we were amazed to discover nearly 10 more puppies in her womb.” Hospital workers completed her surgery in about 40 minutes. Now Shein is already at home with her babies.

Shain couldn’t perform a new record despite having many puppies. The record holder is a Mastif from Great Britain. She had 25 puppies.

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