“A medal for saving lives”: Teenager saved more than 15 children during a fire

Parents and the whole country is proud of this hero

The fire that killed three girls from the Adele dance group broke out at Camp Victoria. As adults panicked and rescuers scrambled for water, teenagers dragged half-sleeping children from the burning wooden structure. 13-year-old Maxim Tikhonchuk saved at least 15 children. He didn’t have enough time to take care of it. The boy was in the building next door, and his responsiveness is something many adults should learn from.

The spokesman announced this on Facebook.

“Maxim Tikhonchuk, 13. The boy who led the children out of the five rooms of Camp Victoria. This is the life of fifteen children! Children who slept and doubted nothing. He just came to school on Monday with burned hands. A humble, powerful, generous person of whom parents and the whole country should be proud!”

The police of Odessa region opened a criminal case on the fact of a fire under article indignation of fire safety norms. After the legal coercive forces, two children were taken to the hospital. Two camp officials are being questioned under the article “Violation of fire safety requirements established by law, resulting in death of people” of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The boy was awarded a medal for saving lives.

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