The spouses thought they were going to buy one of the little pigs, but apparently they get more than they paid for

This creature changed not only her life, but also her lifestyle.

There’s a new pig that’s winning hearts around the world, Esther the Wonder Pig! When spouses Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter of Canada received the pig, they considered him one of those little pigs, but apparently they got more than they deserved. After two years, their “little pig” weighed 650 pounds and had grown into an adult trading pig. Despite their great surprise, the love and companionship they experienced from Esther the pig changed their lives for the better.

Esther not only changed her life but also her lifestyle. Realizing how clever and lovable this wonderful creature was (pigs are just as clever as dogs, and many consider them even neater animals), they couldn’t bear the thought of eating other ranch animals that were just as clever and lovable. So they went vegan. Desiring to help more animals, the couple opened their own animal shelter on the ranch due to space constraints. Jenkins and Walters aren’t the only ones in awe of their big pet. Esther has 516,000 followers on Instagram and was voted the most authoritative pet of the year at last year’s 13th annual Libby Awards, which recognize brands, celebrities and companies dedicated to animals.

After taking down social media, the adorable pet is currently doing whatever it takes to make an appearance in Hollywood, but has had some troubles over the last year.

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