The daughter of the villain from “101 Dalmatians”: This is what Hollywood star Close looks like today

Do you remember the daughter of the villain from 101 Dalmatians? Here she is now

There is probably no one who does not know well the name of this outstanding, legendary and incredible Hollywood star from 101 Dalmatians. It should be noted that the iconic woman only became a mother once, during her relationship with producer J. Stark. In 1988, the adorable Annie Maude Stark came into this world, who decided to follow in her famous mother’s career footsteps.

Playing a brilliant role in five projects, three of which appeared together with her mother, ensured that the young girl had great potential and, in fact, was a future star, who, perhaps, will even surpass her mother. It is worth noting that Annie is the focus of attention of photographers and journalists.

Every appearance of the mother with her heiress deserves special attention. The iconic woman with her adorable daughter is often complimented on her amazing performance both on the red carpet and at other events and shows. Many believe that Annie can easily become a sought-after and successful model, since she has an impeccable appearance and inherited the best qualities from her parents.

What can you say about the daughter of the well-known Hollywood actress?

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