After a year of searching for the lost dog, the owner was discouraged, but the New Year brought miracles

What a Christmas miracle!

When Alisa, the family’s beloved pet, went missing, the owners tried for a year to find her, but to no avail. They then began looking for another dog to adopt, and while looking at photos of shelter animals on social media, a dog suddenly caught their attention. It looked a lot like Alisa.

The man, named John, immediately contacted the shelter staff and asked them to set up a meeting with the dog. He was sure it was his beautiful Alisa.

Their encounter was very touching. The dog immediately recognized her loved one and there is no doubt that they would return home together. The family members were impatiently waiting for their lovely dog ​​and everyone was very happy to see them again.

John still doesn’t believe in this miracle. His dream came true on New Year’s Eve. That’s wonderful!

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