Untidy hair syndrome. This is the current look of a girl with unruly hair syndrome

On our planet there are about 100 people with this syndrome.

How we sometimes like to stumble upon completely mundane things just to spoil them. In the morning we may be dissatisfied with our appearance or our hairstyle. We don’t like that the hair isn’t styled the way we wanted or that the curls don’t last long.

But one girl, 10 years old, living in metropolitan Melbourne, Sheila Calvert-Yin, lives with unkempt hair syndrome, and it certainly doesn’t matter because it’s her individuality.

On our planet there are about 100 people with this syndrome. Sheila was one of them.

It will be refused if the hair has such a shape that combing it is literally unlikely.

This individuality usually emerges in early childhood. The hair takes on a silvery or straw-colored hue.

Sheila has blonde hair. She is quite curly, very confused and cheeky. It always goes in different directions.

The girl’s mother, Celeste, says the baby had real dark hair. And by 3 months, blonde “needles” began to break through.

The first hair began to fall out, and replaceable “needles” grew. And the most interesting thing is that they really grew on the right corners of the head and acquire a bright coloring.

This hair length reached when Sheila was 2 years old and stopped growing.

As experts say, unkempt hair syndrome is the most common hereditary condition. But no one in the Calvert-Yin family has hair like that. And they found out about the syndrome as soon as Sheila was born.

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